Color Your World Again (And You Can Do it Outside the Lines This Time)

Remember those days when you worked on your coloring books, and had to keep within the lines? Ever felt stressed as a child just making sure you didn't go beyond those dark lines with your crayons? Now, you don't have to be stressed - and in fact, you can have a lot of fun with coloring books!

Coloring books are actually therapeutic: they allow you to play again, to be a kid again, to be young and relax. All you need are as many crayons as you want, and the coloring book of your choice. Pick a nice spot where you can color comfortably without people passing by and wondering if you have your head on straight.

Now, color - and don't be afraid to use weird colors or go past the lines. Just color and don't think. Oh, and breathe deeply - take this chance to stay sane by going a bit insane.

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