Have a Healthy Snack!

I used to wrinkle my nose at yogurt, unless it had lots of fruits in it. But when I went to Greece, I was introduced to something so simple and elegant, and so yogurt-y, I haven't stopped making it. You may be aware of it, and you might have been making this snack for ages. In any case, I am posting it here.

A typical yogurt, honey, and nut mix, from GlutenFreeKathy

As many roasted/toasted nuts as you want, preferably almonds or pecans
As much honey as you like
Unsweetened yogurt, preferably low fat

Mix and enjoy

Of course, if you have problems with honey or nuts, then you shouldn't be following these instructions. For the rest of you who want to stay sane, think about it: isn't it crazy that we all go for a burger or a bag of chips when we want a snack? Let's be crazier than the rest: let's get a bit healthier. Have some low fat yogurt with honey and nuts. With no cream, and with some nuts, you have yourself a dessert and a snack - even breakfast - that you don't have to worry too much over.

Unless you eat too much of it, that is...

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