Board Games Keep the "Bored" Out of Parties

Monopoly, Rigamarole, Mastermind, Clue...a board game can keep you and your friends occupied for hours. So why not have a game night?

Instead of pulling out the PlayStation or the Wii, or polishing those chips for poker, why don't you organize a game night and get some Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit going? A board game really can bring you and your friends closer, and it can encourage team play, not to mention participation by every single person. So instead of taking turns with the electronic games, and instead of betting real money, why not have a board game for a night?

Here's a recommendation: try not to cringe at the prices, but Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot is a great game to try out. The more, the merrier.

The key to enjoying this is to be insane. Board games can be as insane as you make them: feel free to take risks with Clue, and to gamble your play money in Monopoly. Killer Bunnies is great for letting out the lunatic in you. As long as everyone's enjoying and joining in, boredom won't be a problem.

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