If Ye Like Hiking...

Then you may want to try this out on your friends. The next time you all decide to go hiking, give up any chance of seeing any deer. Why? Because you'll be singing.

Now before the wildlife experts out there start crying foul, you'll have to wait a heigh-ho minute. There are a few rules that you have to follow. First, you need to sing low: not a whisper, not an all-out-at-the-top-of-your-lungs voice. But sing as though you were talking.

Second, no scaring away of wildlife.

Third, don't be too engrossed in your singing that you'll miss the warning signs that you're: 1) being eaten alive by mosquitoes, 2) crawling with chiggers, and 3) serving as the flesh fest for a family of ticks.

Fourth, you all need to learn some songs so you can sing them together. Now the choice of song will depend on your chosen theme. Would you all like to sing heartbreaking love songs? Or would you all like to sing Disney songs? Pick a theme. Each person has to select a song for that theme, and then send everyone the lyrics. No need for rehearsals: let's all be honorable and show up prepared.

The next time you hike, make sure you sing together. It's a good bonding experience, and it can take the boredom out of an unremarkable hike, especially if you're on a trail that you already know and you're just there for exercise. The singing, moreover, will train you to breathe properly.

Now, breathe deeply, and start practicing...

Heigh ho...heigh ho...we're nuts but we're not slow...

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