Open Up to Yourself: Another Journal Entry Suggestion

A journal should be your way of expressing yourself, of speaking out even when no one listens - and sometimes, you do precisely that. You speak out because you know no one will hear you.

Today's journal entry is a free form essay. This means that all you have to do is write down your answer to the question without thinking of grammar, syntax, usage, spelling - in other words, go nuts with your writing!

Today's Question is:

"There's something that I've been aching to tell . This is what I've been wanting to tell him/her for the longest time...."

Be as happy, as angry, as mushy, as gushy, and as nonsensical as you like. After all, you're the only one seeing this entry. For all you know, the writing process could give you the courage to speak up and say it all out loud!

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