Journal Keeping Time: Try a Tag!

All right. All you need is your notebook and a tag from this site: It's the easiest way for you to get ideas on what to write about for your journal - all you need is to get a tag and start writing away.

Now, be truthful, and don't scrimp on the details. The key is to get a lot of tension out of your system by writing about things that you would normally blog about - but things that you might not want to talk about online.

Have fun!


So How Different is Pepsi from Coke?

You and your friends need to get together and do something that would make marketing execs proud. Well, you don't even need to contact marketing execs. All you need are a few cans of soda of different brands, some plastic cups, and maybe a blindfold, if you want things to be a little more accurate.

Now, you need to do some taste tests. If you're doing this on the weekend - which you probably should, as the office is not the best place for you to blindfold your co-worker and hand a plastic cup over for some drinking-and-scrutinizing-your-drink games - then you may need to have a to-do list, just so you don't get lost. Yes, office work can mess with your brain.

1. Set out a table with some chairs on your lawn, or somewhere in your house where you won't be disturbed or suspected of illegal dealings.

2. Set out some cups on the table, and divide the table into the appropriate number of sections. Say, if you are testing Coke vs. Pepsi, divide the table into 2; Coke vs. Pepsi and Dr. Pepper vs. Cherry Coke, divide the table into 4; and so on.

3. Do not pour out the soda into the cups until all your friends arrive and you are ready for some soda expertise work.

4. When your friends do arrive, choose one person to blindfold. Blindfold said victim. Ehem. Person.

5. Pour a glass of each sample drink for the blindfolded person, but never reveal the identity of said drink. Ask your blindfolded person to talk on:

* How the drink tastes (what does it remind you of? can you guess what the drink is? is it sweet, salty, bitter, sour, or tangy? what taste stands out?)

* What the drink smells like

* What food would go best with it

* Which of all the drinks tastes the best

* Which drink you'd rather feed your dog

6. Assign a secretary to write your findings down.

7. Keep those findings for future use (e.g. parties, parties, parties, etc.)

8. FINALLY: Answer the question - how different is Pepsi from Coke?


Feel Like a Kid - and a Designer - with...

Yes, with Barbie and Ken! (Thanks to for this photo!)

All right, this may sound lame - and stupid and silly - but why not design your own clothes for Barbie and Ken? There may be dolls still lying around the house, waiting to be dressed and used for artistic inspiration.

You can even have your own fashion show and have a gown design contest amongst your friends! Think of it as friendly, kiddie competition.

You can even have someone exercise their wits with the fashion show voice over. Barbie is wearing a skirt made from the pieces of fabric that were cut out of last year's curtains, while Ken is wearing a pair of khaki shorts that were, in all likelihood, designed for Barbie.

You can be as creative as you please - or you can play with dolls on your own, too. Think of it: a quiet afternoon spent dressing up Barbie and pretending that she's off to a meeting of top scientists who want to discuss the latest in cold fusion. Now, how would she dress up for that?

Or, think about Ken the Progressive Farmer, who has his own farm and his own cooperative, and works closely with scientists in producing better crops.

Ken the Barista? Barbie the CEO? There are many ways for you to dress up Ken and Barbie - and maybe, just maybe, they could actually help you stay sane (even if, you know, physically, they couldn't actually be human).


Here's how to Have some Bannoffee!

Check out this blog! - The guys here have some really great ideas on how you can have a great foodie time!

Times are going to get really rough during your study and work and exam periods, and you need some picker-upper, something nice and delectable and delicious.

Presenting, the Bannoffee pie! Topped with bananas, served with cream, and a whole bag of potassium plus sugar rolled into one!

It's a dorm room pie, too, so all you need is a microwave and some free time to watch the condensed milk.

And then, it's eating time!

Darn, I just love this picture to bits...


Start Weaving Your Dreams in Your Journal

You'll need to put your writing mind aside for today. You need to awaken the artist in you and ask for a few minutes of drawing and sketching time.

In today's journal entry, you will have to draw your greatest dream. We're not talking something intangible or nebulous, like "I want to get a lot of money," or "I want to have my first million before I'm 30." We're talking something you can do, something concrete, something you want to do with the money that you have.

Draw this dream. Sketch it. Attach stuff to your journal if you have to. The key is to be concrete and creative - and to remember what your dream is.

If you can give life to it, then YOU CAN MAKE IT COME TRUE.

When you're done, look at your work and give yourself a pat on the back. This is your first step to making your dream happen.

Does this sound crazy?

Well, yes, maybe it does. But hey, it takes a few crazy people to make the world a better place - and it may take your crazy, childlike mind to get your dream going once again.



Remember those days as a kid when you played hide-and-seek all afternoon?

Here's a challenge: play hide-and-seek again.

No, don't use your office. And no, don't ask your boss to play along. Reserve one weekend afternoon at your house or a friend's house, and if you like, play with the kids! It's a great way to relive your childhood memories, not to mention get some exercise while spending time with your children. Well - what do you know! THREE birds with one stone!

Now get out there and start playing! Just be sure you nail down the rules, unless you want to end up beating each other up over who's saved and who's "it."

And have fun! Think of this as an exercise in keeping your summer - and childhood - alive in you.


Be a Kid: Play on the Playground!

How many times have you gone past your local playground and stared longingly at the swings? How many times have you imagined yourself sliding down the slide and playing on the jungle gym? And how many times have you told yourself: that playground is for kids - I can't use it or I'll wreck it!

Guess what: although most playgrounds today are made of easily wreck-able hard plastic, you can find local playgrounds that still use iron for their bars and tires for their swings. And guess what? YOU CAN USE THE PLAYGROUND!

Forget about the sneers and laughter, or about the kids playing on the playground. Get on that swing. Try that slide. Go on the jungle gym.

If a kid comes up to you and asks why you're still playing, say, "We never stop playing."

If an adult looks at you suspiciously, do your best to reassure them that you're not the local neighborhood psychopath/sociopath/pedophile/rapist/idiot, and show them this blog entry. You may need to print it out or take your laptop with you as evidence.

As soon as you've convinced everyone that you're living a life of healthy craziness, you can start going back to the swing and playing. Who knows? You might be able to bond with the neighborhood kids, and teach the next generation to keep the wisdom of childhood.