It's Not Really a Snack...

...and it might not sound insane. But it's worth a try instead of you vegging out on chocolates and chips.

A glass of red wine a day. Antioxidants. Great taste. A touch of class.

Now, study how to taste wine. Go for the basics: see the wine's legs, smell the bouquet, taste it on your palate, and savor its many flavors. Now, do this alone.

1) Sit in a corner. Pretend to face a camera or a live TV audience.

2) Hold a glass of wine in one hand and use your free hand to gesture, but calmly.

3) Now, talk about your dreams. What kind of house do you want to have? What kind of car do you want to drive? What are your goals in life? What are your ambitions?

If you have a fireplace, have a warm fire going and pretend to have a fireside talk of sorts with your imaginary audience. Take a sip of wine every now and then, but don't refill your glass. You're on a snack mission with some imagination thrown in.

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