Staying Awake During the Day - Survival in the Real World

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Did you know that an apple can substitute for coffee in the morning?

Instead of drinking one big cup of coffee in the morning, drink smaller cups throughout the day. This way, you're alert, and you're not getting the jitters.

Avoid coffee at least six (6) hours before you sleep. Even if you do fall asleep, you might wake up because of the coffee hitting you.

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For every cup of coffee you drink, drink two cups of water. Coffee is a diuretic: it pushes water out of your body, and you could end up damaging your cells if you don't have enough water to keep your body healthy. And yes, coffee does have antioxidants, but don't overdo your drinking.

Now add some craziness: amuse yourself at work by pretending to be a coffee expert. Gather your friends round, and together, critique the office coffee. Talk about texture, taste (or lack thereof), and what the flavor reminds you of. And be crazy about it. We aren't talking rough or smooth, bold or robust, or woody or chocolate-y.

We are talking about comparing your coffee to weird things, like mud, grass, or asphalt. Be as nice or as wicked as you want.

But drink water and keep the coffee to a minimum, too. Be crazy about this, and you're all set.

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