Let's Be Ridiculous - A Journal Adventure

This is part 1 of a possible journal adventure for you, and here's your first entry involving it. All you need to do is to copy the following questions onto your journal and then answer them. You don't need to explain anything, or even feel guilty about your answers. You just need to answer the questions and laugh your journaling session away.

Today's Questions Involve PEOPLE

1) Who would you most want to be stuck in handcuffs with?

2) Who would you NOT want to be stuck on a desert island with?

3) Someone gives you a surprise kiss on the cheek. You turn around to see who did it. Who would you like to see?

4) Who would you like to sit next to in an Advanced Calculus class?

5) Who would you want to hand over to be sacrificed to the gods?

6) Who deserves the honor of Best Person, Like, Ever?

7) Who should NEVER get a hold of your journal?

8) Who do you want to dance the Macarena with?

9) Who do you want to watch a cheesy B-movie with?

10) Who do you never want to say goodbye to?

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