Connecting Them Dots Makes You a Good Kid!

All right, maybe not.

But still, you can keep your insanity down by being a little insane yourself, kids style. All you need is an activity book with connect-the-dots - the more complicated, the better. Now, take up that pencil or pen, and start working.

Remember, keep your lines straight

. . . . .

Have fun! Remember, you need something to make you think that you're within bounds and in a sheltered, cocooned, controlled place where things aren't going haywire. Let them dots make you a good patient in this Mental Hospital we call Life.

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MaidenFlight said...

i remember how my mom used to draw dots on scratch-paper (heh) and i'd connect them! fun fun fun! and it was really cheap too!

maybe that's why if it's a choice of how to idly spend my time, i find connecting dots more fun than scribbling nothings.