Hot Chocolate can be HOT!

If you like minty hot chocolate, then start stocking up on dark hot chocolate and those candy canes that you never got to dig into last Christmas.

Here's a tip for a little breather on those early mornings if you're studying; or on those cold mornings when you get up and feel like you have to drag yourself out the door.

Step 1. Take a sachet of your favorite hot chocolate. I personally recommend Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate, or Swiss Miss Rich Chocolate.

Step 2. Follow steps on packet. So, either empty your hot chocolate into a mug and pour hot water in; or boil some water in the microwave for two minutes and stir the hot chocolate in.

Step 3: Break away a bit of peppermint candy cane and drop it into the hot chocolate. Crumble it if you want to have bits and pieces still floating about; or just drop the entire thing and stir the hot chocolate until the candy cane is gone.

Step 4: Drink. Slowly.

The tendency of most people is to drink hot chocolate down and slurp it in like there's no tomorrow, and simply because they "have more important things to do." Hey, look, there are very few things that you can truly enjoy in life, so set this up properly. Take that hot chocolate with you and do one (or more) with the following, depending on how big your mug is.

Scene 1: Sit by your window and watch the world go by, sipping hot chocolate every few minutes and feeling the mint mixing in with the dark chocolate.

Scene 2: On that note, pretend you're a hot chocolate connoisseur and comment ALOUD on how the mint contrasts with the bitterness of chocolate. Taste the drink on all parts of your tongue and talk about it like Robin Leach would if he were introducing minty hot chocolate to his Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous audience. Feel free to try out his accent.

*CAUTION: Do not attempt this if you are in the company of other people, unless you all agree to be connoisseurs for the day (or hour, depending on how big your mugs are)

Scene 3: Just sit back, stay away from your work, and drink hot chocolate slowly while imagining yourself elsewhere.

Let your imagination take you places! Your hot chocolate can be HOT!

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