New Tips Group - Be a Kid

The difference between being childish and being childlike is not at all subtle.

CHILDISH - throw a tantrum, blame others for your faults, play stupid and harmful tricks on people, turn people into playthings (in so many different ways, both decent and indecent)

CHILDLIKE - want to learn new things (not new things about people to the point that you end up gossiping), be happy with the smallest things, TRUST

The last is not something that you can learn from this blog, and neither is it something that you can learn in a day or two. It's something that you will have to learn on your own, and it can take years to work out.

As for this blog, it's just meant to help you find ways to feel like a kid again.

And with that, I welcome you to a new category! The Feel Like a Kid Again tips are meant to re-introduce you to your childhood favorites, from Play-Doh to Lego. Ever wonder why kids can spend an entire afternoon just sitting down and playing with clay, while you're seething at your computer and hoping to escape?

Let's not go psychological over this. You probably get the picture by now.

So hey, don't be afraid to be a kid! Watch this blog for more posts on how you can have fun for a few hours as you relive your childhood days with your old friends, furry or mechanical.

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