New Tips Group - Share it With Friends

Share anything with your friends whenever you can: recipes, love stories, heartbreak stories, this blog...

I have a new tips group, this time devoted to stuff that you and your friends can do when you are hanging out. And no, this will not involve body shots, binge drinking, drag racing, or taking drugs. My techniques are wholesome, thank you very much; they're ridiculous, too, so you're welcome.

My first tip: don't be afraid to be ridiculous.

I don't mean wrapping your heads in stockings and hanging out at the local cafe while constantly checking your briefcases, or suddenly jumping onto your table at the restaurant and reciting to all and sundry the Declaration of Independence - backwards.

I mean conversations, topics, subjects of discussion, and new schools of thought (or castles in the sky) that you can build while you sip your coffee or chew on your burgers.

Don't be afraid to laugh. In a world like ours, we need smiles and happiness. Badly.

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