Here's to Insanity - the Only Way Back to Not Being Crazy

Dear World,

I am a graduate student. I have the workload of a workhorse. And I have the sanity of -

I do not have any sanity.

However, I have not lost hope. There are a few things in life that come free for those looking for a quick fix-my-head-up fix. There are ways to stay sane, and sometimes, all you need is a little know-how.

So this blog goes out to all of you, who are chained to your office desks, to your study desks, to your houses, to your jobs and your work and your books and your studies. This blog goes out to everyone who wants to be sane by being insane once in a while.

Let's get our sanity back!

NOTE: Do link back to me, and do post comments! If you have questions and suggestions on little ways that people can keep their sanity and stay happy, do post your comments! Welcome to the blog!

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