Start Weaving Your Dreams in Your Journal

You'll need to put your writing mind aside for today. You need to awaken the artist in you and ask for a few minutes of drawing and sketching time.

In today's journal entry, you will have to draw your greatest dream. We're not talking something intangible or nebulous, like "I want to get a lot of money," or "I want to have my first million before I'm 30." We're talking something you can do, something concrete, something you want to do with the money that you have.

Draw this dream. Sketch it. Attach stuff to your journal if you have to. The key is to be concrete and creative - and to remember what your dream is.

If you can give life to it, then YOU CAN MAKE IT COME TRUE.

When you're done, look at your work and give yourself a pat on the back. This is your first step to making your dream happen.

Does this sound crazy?

Well, yes, maybe it does. But hey, it takes a few crazy people to make the world a better place - and it may take your crazy, childlike mind to get your dream going once again.

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