So How Different is Pepsi from Coke?

You and your friends need to get together and do something that would make marketing execs proud. Well, you don't even need to contact marketing execs. All you need are a few cans of soda of different brands, some plastic cups, and maybe a blindfold, if you want things to be a little more accurate.

Now, you need to do some taste tests. If you're doing this on the weekend - which you probably should, as the office is not the best place for you to blindfold your co-worker and hand a plastic cup over for some drinking-and-scrutinizing-your-drink games - then you may need to have a to-do list, just so you don't get lost. Yes, office work can mess with your brain.

1. Set out a table with some chairs on your lawn, or somewhere in your house where you won't be disturbed or suspected of illegal dealings.

2. Set out some cups on the table, and divide the table into the appropriate number of sections. Say, if you are testing Coke vs. Pepsi, divide the table into 2; Coke vs. Pepsi and Dr. Pepper vs. Cherry Coke, divide the table into 4; and so on.

3. Do not pour out the soda into the cups until all your friends arrive and you are ready for some soda expertise work.

4. When your friends do arrive, choose one person to blindfold. Blindfold said victim. Ehem. Person.

5. Pour a glass of each sample drink for the blindfolded person, but never reveal the identity of said drink. Ask your blindfolded person to talk on:

* How the drink tastes (what does it remind you of? can you guess what the drink is? is it sweet, salty, bitter, sour, or tangy? what taste stands out?)

* What the drink smells like

* What food would go best with it

* Which of all the drinks tastes the best

* Which drink you'd rather feed your dog

6. Assign a secretary to write your findings down.

7. Keep those findings for future use (e.g. parties, parties, parties, etc.)

8. FINALLY: Answer the question - how different is Pepsi from Coke?

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