Sketch a Constellation

It's time to draw in your journal. All you need are dots!

Remember how the ancients saw figures in the heavens and named the constellations? It's time for you to draw your own starry sky. If you want to make big, small, medium-sized, and pinprick stars, go ahead. If you want to stick to dots, that's good, too. All you need to do is to make a starry night of your life - and you need to label the constellations.

If your life were a sky, what would its constellations be? Use a page to show the constellations (you an connect the dots, too, if you like) and another page to describe them. You can go super duper technical and even name individual stars, or you can stay simple and tell the world about your constellations and why they're important to you.

There is only one rule: you can have EIGHT constellations, NO MORE, NO LESS. You need only 8 things that are important to squish (or spread) into your starry sky. This means you need to pick 8 things, whether they are people, events, words, names, or objects. What are the 8 things that are most important to you, the 8 things that you hold most dear in life - the 8 things that just pop up wherever you look simply because you keep on thinking of them?

If you don't want to use your notebook, put your journal entry on a sheet of paper, or use a graphics design program and print it out.

Keep this journal entry handy. It will remind you of what's important to you. These important things might be shallow, and you may want to keep on reminding yourself to look at the less shallow things in life - or they may be extremely important and deep, and you'll need them to remind you of what you are working for.

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