Microwave that Cheesecake!,1929,154168-242207,00.html

Yes, yes, it sounds strange. Raw eggs, sour cream, all blended together and put smack into the microwave. But it tastes like pretty good pudding, it isn't too fattening if you use light sour cream and light cream cheese, and it can make for a relaxing culinary getaway, too!

An additional tip: if you want extra exercise, make the graham cracker crust yourself! Grind up graham crackers, add sugar, and add melted butter - then mold it away in your favorite microwavable pie dish. The effort of grinding up crackers will allow you to let go of your tension - and if you're angry or frustrated with someone or something...well, you know what to do.

And one more tip: Whip it! Beat it! You'll have to beat your eggs together with your sugar, and into your cream cheese. Again, if you want to take your anger out on something, better eggs than anything else!

Oh, and one last thing: use brown sugar for your cheesecake!

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