Recommended for Ages 3 and Up...

The "Up" in that recommendation means that anyone from 3 years to 103 years can put that Spongebob Squarepants Puzzle together, even if it's just 12 pieces of wooden blocks that lock together and make babies go, "Ooh!"

It's your turn to go "Ooh!" and it's your turn to put your own puzzles together.

Get yourself a box of puzzles. Buy one. Dust off the box of a thousand pieces in your attic or on the top shelf of your closet. Borrow. Don't steal.

Now, get your friends together on a Saturday night and have a puzzle party. Have some beer, wine, pop, soda, water, or whatever you'd like to drink. The bigger and more intricate the puzzle, the better.

Better yet, have a puzzle day at your office! Clean out a room (broom closet, unused conference room, someone's work cubicle) and leave the puzzle pieces there. Assign co-workers to come in every half an hour or quarter of an hour and add ONE PIECE to the puzzle. Now, isn't that a great team building exercise?

Do puzzles on your own and keep your brain running. Do puzzles with your kids for some bonding time. Jigsaw puzzles can help keep you sane, no matter where you are on the "3 and up" continuum.

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