Clay Can Make Everything Controllable

Did you ever get the feeling that you wanted to squish something to a thousandth of its size - but had nothing remotely squishable in sight? True, you can crumple paper and choke some trees, or invest in stress balls and choke your wallet. But when those crumpled sheets have gone and your stress balls are stressed out, you still have an option that will last far longer: clay.

Whether it's an expensive can of Play-Doh or your neighborhood store-made clay, you can squish, mold, squeeze, and in general, divest all your energy on your favorite mound of clay. That's it: let your anger out! Take a big ball of clay out, pound on it, roll it, squish it, squeeze it, throw it against the wall (or somewhere harmless), shape it so that it resembles your boss - do what you want with clay!

Set aside about an hour of your time each day for your clay adventures. You don't have to create a masterpiece or shape the next great decoration for the Louvre. You simply have to use the clay to your advantage and take the stress out - who knows, you might get ideas for the next great sculpture by simply idly playing with clay!

Get colorful clay like this through Amazon - and squish your way to sanity!

And when you're ready for the big leagues, look for ways to hone your clay creativity!

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